Harmful Digital Marketing Strategies To Avoid

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Looking for ways to promote your company online? There are many ways to do so, but in this post, we’ll focus on what NOT to do. Here are a few dodgy digital marketing tactics that are best avoided:


Email Spamming

Spamming someone over and over again with continuous promotional emails isn’t likely to have much of a positive impact. Your emails will end up in their spam folder – which means they won’t get read. Even if that person has subscribed to your mailing list, they may unsubscribe if you keep bombarding them with emails.

Most small companies can benefit from sending no more than two emails per week. Focus on improving the quality of these emails rather than focusing on quantity.


Keyword Stuffing

Using keywords on your site can help to bump up its search engine rankings. However,  avoid using too many of the same keyword on one page. Using the same term continuously looks unnatural and will affect the readability of your website. It could even damage your rankings if it looks obviously spammy.

To incorporate keywords more naturally, you’re much better off investing in the help of a search engine optimization agency. Such agencies can also use other SEO tactics like link building and improving site speed – all of which can also improve your rankings.


Pop-up Overuse

Most of us hate pop-ups. While they can be useful for getting people to subscribe to mailing lists, accept cookies and accept other notifications – too many of them can start to become a nuisance. This is particularly the case with full-screen pop-ups that interrupt users trying to get information.

Too many of them could even cause visitors to leave your site out of frustration. As a result, it’s best to keep these pop-ups to a minimum – use no more than three, minimize usage of full-screen pop-ups and don’t trigger them all to open the moment the visitor arrives.


Buying Followers

Having lots of social media followers can help your business to seem bigger and more successful. However, buying followers isn’t the way to go about it. When you buy followers, they’re largely inactive accounts. Social media sites have taken steps to delete these inactive accounts in recent years to curb this behavior (in other words, you could buy a load of followers, only to have them all vanish in a couple years).

It’ll also look suspicious having lots of followers but little interaction from these followers. All in all, you’re much better off trying to build followers through paid social advertising and by coming up with creative posts.


Faking Reviews

Much like buying followers, faking reviews is a way of lying to yourself. If you’ve got lots of negative reviews and want to counterbalance these with some positive reviews, faking your own positive reviews won’t address the real problem.

Instead, focus on making customers happy and then encouraging these happy customers to leave positive reviews. Avoid writing fake negative reviews of competitors at all costs – if found out, you could be sued for defamation.

When building up the presence of your business and brand, think long-term. It pays to be patient, and you’ll have a longer run of success than quick, cheap bursts of results.

Running an Effective Marketing Campaign in the Current Marketplace

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In a marketplace that is currently saturated with emerging brands vying for attention, it can be extremely difficult to make a name for yourself. After all, customers can find it difficult to differentiate between promising new brands and the endless business ventures that generally call things quits a few months in. They want a reliable name that will be able to continue providing them with goods and services well into the future.

So, how do you make your business stand out as a reliable option? The answer: an effective and well thought out marketing campaign. Here’s how to best go about it.


Setting a Budget


First, you need to set a budget for your campaign. Having a roundabout figure in mind can help you to distribute your finances and understand what you can do with the given sum.

If you don’t have any savings put aside, don’t worry. This is a business investment so you can take out a business cash advance that will allow you to conduct the campaign and pay the lender back in smaller increments over time. SwiftFinancial.com is a good place to start out. These professional lenders will be able to offer you between $5000 and $500,000 with repayment terms ranging from three months to one year.


Employ a Marketing Specialist

Unless you are trained in marketing yourself, you’re going to want to call in the help of someone who is qualified and trained in the area. They will have a good working knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for all sorts of brands.

This information will prove invaluable when it comes to orchestrating your campaign. They will also be up to date with market trends and will know the best approaches to take in order to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Keep An Eye Out For Special Offers


The costs of marketing materials can mount up quickly. So look for bulk buy discounts or promotional offers on things like leaflet or poster printing. You will want to advertise your product as thoroughly as possible, so the more material, the better. Seemingly small discounts can save you a lot in the long run of things.


Outsource Promotional Staff

If you are going to have promotional staff working on a campaign, it’s usually best to outsource and bring them into work for you through an agency. This will allow you access to some of the most experienced and reliable staff out there, as not only are they working to impress you, but they will be putting extra effort in to receive good feedback to their agency who will then be more likely to book them on future jobs. And what’s more, as they are self-employed, you can bring them in as and when you please without having to offer in-house trained.

Following these simple steps will ensure that your products and services are noticed by potential customers without necessarily having to break the bank in the process. You will be rewarded with increased sales and wider interest in your brand. 


Marketing Your Service-Based Business For Online Success


Online business is booming, and more people are choosing a web based outlet to buy their products; there is also an increasing demand for traditional, physical services to have an online presence. More people are choosing to search for legal, medical, and an array of professional service-based business using their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Therefore, there is no better time to polish your marketing strategy and ensure that your company can stand out from the competition on the the internet. The following are some areas to consider if your service based brand needs a marketing boost online.


Brand Building


Your brand identity is vital to attracting the audience and visitors you desire. People often look for a personality of a character within a brand, as it helps them to feel comfortable in using their services. Therefore, you need to focus on the members of your team and make them the highlight of what you do.

If customers and clients will be dealing with your workforce in a medical, legal, or professional setting, they will likely be speaking with only one of two members of the business. Your potential audience will want to feel confident in sharing personal information and trust the advice, help, and assistance they are paying to receive.

Ensure that the partners within the company have a voice online; let them speak about who they are and what the do as consumers will feel like they have a chance to get to know your business before they make the decision to invest in you. A strong brand identity across all of your online outlets will ensure that you become recognizable and have, hopefully positive, associations with your business, which in turn will drive traffic your way.

Highlight the bios of those who work to make your business what it is. Credentials and qualifications are an appealing draw for those who want to pay for service. Make sure everyone’s experience and expertise are made clear throughout your online presence; this will build trust and strength in your brand.

If your company as a whole, or any individual member of the team, has had a positive review or publicized write-up on your service, make sure people can see and access all the positives with ease. Again, you’re building a highly-regarded reputation through your brand identity, so you need to be hitting all the right buttons to do so.

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Creative Content


To get a loyal and interested audience to visit your website, you need to offer them something that will draw them in. As lawyers, you’d need to look into custom law firm websites designed to propel your practice and ensure that the content on your site is informative, engaging, and of interest to all who visit.

The same goes for private medical practices; you’d need to ensure that your potential patients weren’t overwhelmed by your content, but instead, feel informed and interested in utilizing the care you offer.

It’s worth thinking about a blog to accompany your website. It’s easy to link to your main homepage and can make all the difference with the level of SEO and keywords you’re putting out there. The right content will ensure your rankings go up in search engines, and you’ll receive an increasing stream of visitors clicking through to read what you have to say. As long as you’re consistent and your audience can appreciate what you’re putting online, your client base will grow, and you’ll start popping up in all the right places on the web.

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Getting Social


It’s no secret that social media marketing is one of the fastest growing outlets on the internet and with good reason. You need to bear in mind that a large majority of those who visit your website will have clicked through from a post, an ad, or a suggested link that they’ve seen on their social feeds.

Therefore, make sure you’re building up your followers with relevant and engaging posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for starters. If you’ve updated your website, posted a blog, or have added a new member to your team, tell people about it. You want to encourage as many click throughs each day as possible, so ensure the content is there to tempt people.

Your social media platforms should reflect the brand identity that you’ve been working hard to promote and make sure that your audience can access your website with ease. With consistency, investment, and dedication; you’ll be able to be an online hit and people will take notice of your service and what you can offer them.

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Undeniable Reasons Online Marketing Is So Effective



When it comes to marketing, it is important to use a variety of techniques. After all, offline tactics can work just as well in some cases. For the most part, however, online marketing is the undisputed king. The rise of online techniques in the past decade has been astronomic, and it shows no sign of stopping.

In fact, it is getting bigger and bigger if that is even possible. So, why does marketing via the web garner so much attention? Carry on reading to find out more.


The Reach


In the past, businesses could only reach audiences near to their location. Sure, the TV came along and changed that somewhat, but the problem remained. And it remained until the rise of the internet. When people go online, and almost 3 billion of them do, they don’t have to deal with boundaries. If they like, they can consume information from a host of sources, including firms thousands of miles away.

Once a company learns how to do SEO like a pro, there isn’t a person on the planet who isn’t a potential customer. Well, there isn’t as long as they have internet access! Instead of millions, online marketing deals with billions.

Equalizing Effect

There is a direct knock-on effect from the reach of online marketing, and it’s the fact that it brings big and small businesses together. Nowadays, it is possible for SMEs to compete with their larger rivals due to branding on the internet. The fact that the message can reach billions isn’t novel, but the cost might still have a novelty factor.

In simple terms, online techniques like SEO, PPC, and many others are free. Yes, they don’t cost a penny, which means they are available to everyone. As long as a business understands how they work, they can exploit them for their gain. Money doesn’t matter so much when it comes to online advertising.



Open 24/7


A traditional strategy only works during certain hours because people don’t view it all of the time. A TV advert, for instance, will have a bigger impact from 4pm to 7pm when everyone is home watching TV. The online world doesn’t work that way because it is available all day every day.

Thanks to mobile devices with internet capability, anyone can access the web at any time of the day. As a result, the influence enhances the message because it reaches more people and never sleeps.

Allows Personalization

Lots of marketing methods are general because they have to be general. It’s important they hit a wide base, and there is no point in alienating a group of people for no reason. The problem is that the message isn’t unique to the audience, and it loses its significance in the process. Online marketing is different because a business can tweak its message. With the help of social media, it is also easy to spread the message, as well as form relationships with customers.  

Online marketing is effective, and now you know why.

The Joy Of Offline Marketing

Today’s crop of online marketing blogs can easily leave you with the impression that advertising in the modern world is all SEO and online content. But despite what these blogs might tell you, the real world still exists, and it’s still a way that you can get your message out to the wider world.

But thanks to the fact that digital marketing is so dominant, few people are helping businesses do better advertising offline. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Be More Creative With Business Cards

A well-designed business card is an important part of making a good impression when you meet somebody new and getting your name out there. As a result, it’s a good idea to choose a design or a template that reflects your brand values and displays your creativity.

Don’t just limit business cards to the people at the top of your organization. Make sure that colleagues lower down the rank have business cards of their own to hand out to people when they meet them.


Free great picture


To make your business card stand out, there are two simple rules. The first is to change the orientation from landscape to portrait. This is unusual and will have the effect of causing a person to look twice before moving on. The second is to use bright colors instead of plain white on the background. Again, this will help your card to stand out.


Use Outdoor Advertising

Despite the growth of digital media, the biggest companies in the world still use billboards to communicate with their customers. Coca-Cola, the New York Times and Samsung all pay for billboard space in some of the most prestigious business districts in the world, like Times Square. But why?

One of the reasons is that it’s just worth it in high-traffic areas because so many people see it. But for smaller businesses, it might not be affordable. That’s why so many companies are choosing to use mobile billboards. Because their brands aren’t well known, these advertisements are typically used to display the company’s contact details. Mobile billboards help get your brand in front of many more eyes than would ordinarily be feasible.


Offer Group Discounts


Why are games like Eve Online and World Of Warcraft still so popular? Well, one of the reasons is that people play them to socialize, as well as play. In other words, they’re drawn to the product because their friends also like it.

Regular entrepreneurs can use the same principle to drive people to their own products by offering group discounts. Group discounts are a great way of turning your service into a social event, whether it’s a restaurant meal, paintball or salon experience.

Group discounts are also a good way to get the attention of people who wouldn’t normally find you on their own. In effect, discounts are a way of leveraging your existing customers, incentivizing them to bring new people to your business and enjoy your product. Pick out a specific demographic, like newlyweds or freshmen, and go from there.