Wear Your Business Wherever You Go

When you first start a business, you have to commit. There’s no point doing things half-heartedly. At the start, everything you can do to promote your business and get it established increases the chances of survival.

Experts recommend that entrepreneurs spend at least an hour a day on promotion and getting the word out about their business. It’s not enough to rely on your product or service. You have to make sure that people understand what it is that you offer and why it’s important.



Fundamentally, it’s about “wearing” your business, both metaphorically and physically. Every time you leave the office and go out into the world and meet people is an opportunity to sell your product. In other words, you need to have your business’s needs in mind whenever you meet new clients. It should be business first, small talk second.

Here are some ways to promote your business wherever you go:


Turn Your Car Into A Mobile Billboard

Billboard space is expensive. But mobile billboard space is essentially free (the cost of the wrap is usually relatively cheap). So long as you’re willing to turn your vehicle into a moving advertising platform, there shouldn’t be a problem.


Mobile billboards are particularly effective if you travel to work and regularly get stuck in traffic. People have no choice but to look at what you’re selling and think about whether it’s something that they would want. Plus it’s a way to spend your time in traffic efficiently. Even if you can’t get to the office quickly and start work, you’re still using the time to advertise to other road users.


Identify With Your Business


Lanyards Factory points out on their site at lanyardsfactory.com.au that lanyards can be used for promotional purposes. It’s important, they say, to wear something that helps to identify you with a particular company when you’re out and about.

In other words, it’s a form of branding you can use to help cement the idea of your business in the minds of other people. Often, you’ll see representatives of top companies at events wearing lanyards when talking to potential clients. It helps to make your company appear more official and important.

Use Buddy Marketing

Your business might not have the resources to launch its own promotional campaign. But you might know a business in the local area which is willing to work with you for marketing purposes. Often, buddy marketing ventures have far more reach than individual campaigns and help to extend your reach.

One way to do this is to agree to send out promotional material from another company along with your own. In return, the other company will send out your marketing material with their promotions. In other words, you agree to pool your customer base in return for universal marketing.


Give Out Freebies

Finally, to promote your business wherever you go, try giving out freebies. Things like giving away a free coffee to the first fifteen people in your coffee shop in the morning can really help to get people interested in what you’re doing.

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