Face-Off: Knowing Your Customers In A Faceless World

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We’re living in a world where, for the most part, we are faceless. You can work in the same company as somebody and recognize their sign-off to an email more so than you would recognize what they look like. We are hidden behind screens and let our fingers do the talking.

With this in mind, how can be assured that we are talking to the person that they say they are? This is so important when you are running a business and have to verify who you’re talking to – and to let your customers put a face to the name also.


Utilize Video Calls


If you are connecting with a client over a contract or the potential for a lot of work, using Skype can be a bonus. Seeing each other face to face and being able to see the context behind the words (which you wouldn’t really be able to gauge via email or text) can mean big things in terms of securing jobs.

Being able to express what you can do, how you’re going to deliver services and anything else the customer may require to know is of utmost importance – but so is being able to determine whether they are genuine or not.


Invest In A Verification Service

Nowadays, we don’t necessarily have the time to get to a location and prove our identity. There are so many places that require bills when most of us have gone paperless; passports need to be gotten out at any time when they should be stored safe; drivers licenses are needed for verification when a lot of us are choosing to use public transport and don’t actually possess one.

In terms of verifying who your consumers are, it can be tricky. You don’t want to put off potentials by demanding too much, or driving away existing customers by continually asking for ID.

Netverify identity verification services offer a chance to reduce the stress experienced by consumers by giving them the chance to scan documents directly from their phone, get facial recognition and a whole host of other ways to prove their identity.

Using a verification service is definitely the new-age way to assess a person’s credibility and prevent fraud.


Old Fashioned Is Best

If you haven’t got the means to invest in verification services or aren’t the type of company who can commit to Skype calls for all of their customers, having a real-life presence is just as important. There was a technological boom towards the end of the nineties, where more people were inclined to spend online and were looking for web-based credentials for most, if not all, businesses that they were using.

Now, it is going in reverse – more people are looking for a branch to pop into or some sort of presence where they can interact without having to go online or pick up a phone. Especially with customer service, your consumers are looking for empathy and a relationship with your brand – something that can’t be offered on a screen.

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