Hassle-Free: Are Personal Assistants Worth It?

Pexels From: Breakingpic

One thing which has gained a lot more popularity over the years, especially in the business world, is the introduction of remote personal and virtual assistants. These are employees that don’t necessarily work in the same office, or even the same country as yourself, but are tasked with various admin duties that you’re too busy to perform yourself.


Don’t Skimp On Their Salary

You may be tempted to pay them a little less than you would an in-house assistant, but I would caution you against this. Why? Well, at the end of the day you get what you pay for. Need to check the budget report has been proofread correctly?

You can head straight over to http://www.grammarly.com or, when you want your cleaner, dog groomer and hair stylist paid on time, you need to find someone you know is capable of multitasking, flourishes in a high-pressure environment and doesn’t mind lots of last minute requests. Hiring a college student who’ll only be able to dedicate a small percentage of their time to tasks, as opposed to someone with previous PA experience will make all the difference to the successful running of your business. If you’re tempted to save the extra bucks then just think about what would happen if there were any translation issues!

Check Your Time Zones


Even Lord Sugar, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump would struggle to communicate effectively if there was a huge time difference. For instance, if you’re living in Europe, it’s probably not the best idea to hire a virtual assistant in the states. Likewise, if your company’s based Down Under, it’s probably best to look for an Australian- or New-Zealand-based PA who’ll be awake when you are and vice versa.

However, where you may want to consider having a time zone delay is if you’ve got a team of virtual personal assistants, or VPAs, as they’ll be able to support and liaise with each other at different times of the day.

There’s nothing as satisfying as completing an ‘end of day’ checklist or scheduling a conference call when you know everything’s been taken care of. Don’t be fooled into hiring the first person who responds to your request; take the time to find the person who’s right for you and your business.

Visit and input your requirements at https://www.seoclerk.com/categories/Virtual-Assistant, Virtual Assistant, SEOClerks. Asking someone to undergo a trial period is pretty common. These are often free so you can see how they cope with the responsibility of being a 24/7 on-call assistant.


Eggs In One Basket

If you’re the type of person who has a variety of requests, it’s probably easier that you hire a ‘primary’ assistant who takes charge of more important things and then employ two junior, or secondary assistants who’ll look after issues that are less demanding and have a wider time frame.

A VPA can take an awful lot off the strain of yourself, but you’ll need to give them personal information, including bank details, addresses of business associates, your doctor’s office number, and even the contact details of your children’s school, so you need to trust them 100%.

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