The Joy Of Offline Marketing

Today’s crop of online marketing blogs can easily leave you with the impression that advertising in the modern world is all SEO and online content. But despite what these blogs might tell you, the real world still exists, and it’s still a way that you can get your message out to the wider world.

But thanks to the fact that digital marketing is so dominant, few people are helping businesses do better advertising offline. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Be More Creative With Business Cards

A well-designed business card is an important part of making a good impression when you meet somebody new and getting your name out there. As a result, it’s a good idea to choose a design or a template that reflects your brand values and displays your creativity.

Don’t just limit business cards to the people at the top of your organization. Make sure that colleagues lower down the rank have business cards of their own to hand out to people when they meet them.


Free great picture


To make your business card stand out, there are two simple rules. The first is to change the orientation from landscape to portrait. This is unusual and will have the effect of causing a person to look twice before moving on. The second is to use bright colors instead of plain white on the background. Again, this will help your card to stand out.


Use Outdoor Advertising

Despite the growth of digital media, the biggest companies in the world still use billboards to communicate with their customers. Coca-Cola, the New York Times and Samsung all pay for billboard space in some of the most prestigious business districts in the world, like Times Square. But why?

One of the reasons is that it’s just worth it in high-traffic areas because so many people see it. But for smaller businesses, it might not be affordable. That’s why so many companies are choosing to use mobile billboards. Because their brands aren’t well known, these advertisements are typically used to display the company’s contact details. Mobile billboards help get your brand in front of many more eyes than would ordinarily be feasible.


Offer Group Discounts


Why are games like Eve Online and World Of Warcraft still so popular? Well, one of the reasons is that people play them to socialize, as well as play. In other words, they’re drawn to the product because their friends also like it.

Regular entrepreneurs can use the same principle to drive people to their own products by offering group discounts. Group discounts are a great way of turning your service into a social event, whether it’s a restaurant meal, paintball or salon experience.

Group discounts are also a good way to get the attention of people who wouldn’t normally find you on their own. In effect, discounts are a way of leveraging your existing customers, incentivizing them to bring new people to your business and enjoy your product. Pick out a specific demographic, like newlyweds or freshmen, and go from there.

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