Working From Home Can Work For You If You Take A Little Time On Your Office


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Working from home is everybody’s dream. Who doesn’t want to rock out in their pajamas every day? The reality of not having to go to the office each morning is great, but working from home has its downsides. When there’s no set end to the day, it’s hard to know when enough is enough.

Set up a separate workspace, to keep your work at work and your home at home. Working in one set place will allow you to walk away when you need to. It’s important you take the time to get your office exactly how you want it. Here are some home office tips you ought to consider.



From the off, you should bear in mind that you’ll be spending extended periods of time in your office. Lay the right foundation to ensure your comfort and your business success.

For example, think of how you’ll be heating the room. As you’re home all the time, sticking the heating on could get expensive. Consider alternate heat saving methods, such as double glazing or spray foam equipment to save yourself money.

Think, too, about the decor. Aim to create an ambient space that you can concentrate in. Avoid loud colors that could get on your nerves. Neutral colors might be the best bet. They may be uninspiring, but they’re unlikely to lead to distraction or give you a headache!

Flooring is important, too. Carpet could help keep the room warm, but wood flooring is easier to keep clean.


Once the foundations are in place, turn your attention to the equipment you need. This will vary depending on your venture, but it’s likely you’ll need these basics. Look for a desk that offers you the right amount of storage space to keep papers in should you need to. Desk drawers are excellent for file storage. You’re going to need to keep the surface of your desk clear, so you’re able to work without clutter.

Think, too, about a good chair. Remember that you’ll be sitting for extended periods of time. A chair with good support and cushioning is a must.

You’ll need to stock up on a reliable computer and a good printer, too. When searching for a computer, pick one with a software package you’re already familiar with. With printers, you’ll need one that offers the chance to photocopy, fax and scan.

And don’t forget to stock up on stationary. Buy in bulk, and don’t worry about the money; you can claim it on expenses in your tax form!


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Making the room your own is where the fun starts. Adding personal touches will make you feel comfortable and inspired. Bookshelves and books are always a nice touch, as are fresh plants and personal pictures. Be careful to strike the right balance here. You don’t want to get distracted while you’re working. With your books, stick to business books that you won’t get lost in when you should be working.

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