Why Working From Home Is The Way Forward


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Employees are getting tired of the traditional 9-to-5. But luckily, things appear to be changing. Statistics reveal that 45% of employees in the US now work from home. More companies are hiring remote workers, and new tech is making it easy for people to work from anywhere.

But is working from home really beneficial? Businesses used to think keeping employees in the office for forty hours a week would be more productive. But there’s a lot of evidence to suggest otherwise. There are various benefits to working from home—here are a few of the reasons it’s becoming more prevalent.

You Can Work However You Want

One of the greatest benefits of working from home is it allows people to work the way they feel most comfortable. Sitting in an office cubicle for eight hours a day isn’t many people’s idea of comfort. What’s more, workplaces can often feature many disruptions and distractions which lessen productivity.

Working from home gives people the freedom to set their own schedule and work how they’re most productive. Some people like to set up a comfortable desk space and play some music. Others like to do their work in bed. Many workers even take their laptops to cafés or coffee shops to enhance their creativity.

A lot of studies suggest that allowing employees to work from home can raise business productivity. Workers can work during hours they feel most productive. They can head out for lunch when they need a break. They’re also less likely to take days off work if they can do it from home. All of these things make working from home more beneficial.

An example of this being implemented would be Velvet Caviar where they have employees working across the world and still functioning as a cohesive unit.

You Can Be Your Own Boss

Being a work-at-home employee is a fantastic way to live, but some people take their ambitions further. Many people create startups or set off on business ventures from the comfort of their home. The rise of internet technology has made it easy for people to operate a business from anywhere.

Many people create home businesses from scratch. That includes things like ecommerce stores, consulting agencies, and web development services. There are also firms which offer home-business opportunities. For instance, anyone can start their own Usana business. These opportunities involve support for creating a lucrative business venture.

You could also become a self-employed freelancer. Many people offer services such as copywriting, graphic designing, or video editing from the web. It can become lucrative as you develop a portfolio and build up a strong client base.

Less Stress, Better Quality Of Life

Escaping the 9-to-5 gives home workers a much better quality of life. When people can set their own schedule, they don’t have to worry about completing a bulk of work in an eight-hour time limit. Plus, working in the comfort of your home is much more relaxing.

It’s also beneficial for people who want a better work-life balance. Working from home can give you more time to spend with your family. You can prioritize your time to fit in hobbies and other activities, and often finish work much earlier than 5 pm.

Avoiding the daily commute also saves people a lot of stress. Driving through the morning rush hour can be infuriating. Catching the train every morning can be just as bad. When your commute is from your bed to your desk, you can wake up in a great mood and get straight to work!

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