Nuisance Cold Calls: A Startup Owner’s Worst Nightmare!

It’s bad enough when we get cold calls at home. No one likes to stop what they’re doing to answer the phone, only to be met by a nuisance cold call. But, the issue becomes much more serious when you’re working in business. Not only can you be interrupted during the middle of important dealings; it tends to happen a lot more often, too. These cold callers know that you’re the owner of a business, and that makes you an attractive prospect to them.

This is why you’ll soon be keen to put a stop to these calls as quickly as possible. Prevention is the best solution, but we’ll help you to both prevent and remedy these irritating instances.


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Register With TPS

In the UK, TPS is the Telephone Preference Service. By signing up for it, it becomes illegal for some companies to contact you further. However, there are limitations to this, so you won’t necessarily get away with nuisance calls entirely. Still, registering with the TPS is totally free, meaning that it’s worth doing for any startup.

Get An Answering Service

As we just mentioned, it’s going to be difficult to block out nuisance calls entirely. Some are bound to slip through the net no matter what, and this will probably drive you crazy! One way to ditch them for good is to get an answering service on your company’s behalf. If you visit or a similar website, you’ll find this sort of service. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, and it might just save your sanity!


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Block Numbers Directly On Your Phone


If the the nuisance calls are coming through directly to your smartphone, you’re in luck. Most modern smartphones come with the ability to block numbers directly. By heading to the options screen, you can set this up for any number you desire. Then, when that person tries to ring again, you won’t be bothered, and they’ll get your voicemail.


Look Up The Number Online

But, what if you don’t know which number to block? Sometimes, callers don’t say anything on the end of the phone. Or, you might mistake it for someone else’s number that you need to keep. In a case like this, the internet can come in useful. Websites like can help to identify any numbers that appear unrecognizable. Other people leave comments on sites like this detailing their experiences.


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Be Careful With What You Sign Up For


Ultimately, companies are getting your number from somewhere. Sometimes, you can’t do a whole lot about it. At others, it’s a direct result of an action you’ve taken. When signing up for different services and products, be sure to check the small print. You’ll often find the ability to opt out of additional contact, which is an important consideration.

Nuisance cold calls aren’t going away anytime soon, but you’ll find that these tips largely put a stop to them. Hopefully, you’ll find that instead of a major nuisance, they’re nothing but a minor inconvenience.


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