Why You Need to Keep Mobile in Mind when Doing Business




We’re living in a time that is extremely focused on mobile phones and tablets. Most adults in English-speaking territories have high-tech mobile phones. (So do most teenagers, for that matter). These smartphones have become the most widely-used way of accessing the Internet. Nearly half of smartphone users are estimated to check their smartphones within five minutes of waking up. It serves as a messenger, an information hub, an Internet browser, an alarm clock… It serves so many essential daily functions. It’s no wonder that people have their eyes glued to them so often!

Take a look at the sales of mobile phones. The numbers are staggering. Sales are only going to be going up. If you’re not taking advantage of all of this, you’re going to be lagging way behind.




Smartphones are being used to purchase more and more things all the time. I’m not just talking about digital wallet applications like Apple Pay. (Although, of course, businesses need to think about this as well.) I’m talking about basic ecommerce transactions. Ordering things through a website or an app while on the go.

Of course, “on the go” brings to mind the wrong sort of images. Because mobile technology is no longer something that’s only useful to us when we’re on the commute, or at work, or out in public. The fact is that we often use our smartphones when we’re at home to do things that we could easily do on your computer. Our computers could be inches away from us. But it’s simply more convenient to use your mobile. So imagining mobile users as these people who are always on the go isn’t exactly accurate.




Another thing to consider here is that smartphones makes it easier to multitask. When people use a regular desktop computer or a laptop, they’re usually honed in on that one activity. But smartphone use can be a lot more peripheral. If you’re paying some of your attention to the television, you can also do some business on your smartphone.

It’s this ease of use, and ubiquity of use, that you need to remember. It’s precisely why smartphones have gotten so popular, why they’re the most common platform on which to access the Internet. You also have to remember that this ease of use is what people expect when they access your facilities on a smartphone.




When people think about ease of use on a smartphone, they usually think of apps. If your business is dealing at all in ecommerce, you should absolutely have a mobile app. Of course, you can’t just snap your fingers and make an app appear. If you don’t have the development know-how, you can work with an agency skilled in making mobile software.

But even if you develop a mobile app, it’s not going to cover all your bases. You need to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Internet browsers are able to tell whether or not a user is accessing your website on a mobile phone. You should have a mobile version of your website set up so that someone accessing your website on their phone will have the optimum experience.




Think of a popular ecommerce website you enjoy. Go to your mobile web browser and access the main website from there. Now compare it to the computer browser version. Notice that the two look different? A mobile version must do two things. It has to cater to the smaller size of a smartphone screen. It also has to have in mind the fact that users will probably use their thumb or index finger to interact with it directly. If you need help with both mobile apps and website optimization, you should seek out a web development agency.

When a company caters to mobile users, they show that they’re willing to move forward with their customers. You need to make your sale methods and accessibility more immediate than ever. Your business practices have to fit in with immediacy of mobile technology.




Does all of this mean that every business will suffer if it doesn’t get advanced in mobile technology? Not exactly. There are businesses out there that won’t get hit too bad if they’re not “with it”. But those types of businesses are lessening in number. Modern jobs, with a focus on ecommerce and technology, will eventually see a drop in sales if they don’t focus on mobile. Any good sales tracking method will show this.

Ensure that your business fully understands just how popular mobile technology is getting. This popularity isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon. It’s time to bring your business up to speed.

[post contributed for tamarhela.com]

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